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Astrology for the Week of August 28

We have a veritable retrograde parade of planets that are in retrograde, or apparent backward, motion. Mercury is retrograde. Venus is retrograde. Saturn is retrograde. Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are retrograde. And today, August 28, Uranus, too, turns retrograde.

As I wrote in my article on Mercury retrograde, a planet that is retrograde is by definition going over ground it has already passed over. They ask us to pause for a reconsideration of the area that planet governs:

Mercury - do I need to hear or say something again? What did I miss?

Venus - is there unfinished business in a relationship? will someone reappear from the past? (and they may leave again as soon as the retrograde passes).

Saturn: do you have a sense of deja vu or things happen that feel "fated" or karmic?

where am I in the stream of time? Am I missing a piece that could help me be more mature and wise?

Uranus: Can I find new insights in a situation?Do I have enough space to feel free? If not, what holds me back?

Pluto: Have I repressed "shadow" parts of me that I am ready to bring to consciousness awareness? What holds me back? Am I powerful or do I feel at the mercy of other powerful people?

Chiron: How have wounded patterns -- ill-founded preconceptions -- that affect my reality? Are these wounded patterns mine alone or do they involve generational trauma?

The Sun is in Virgo, now, having left the Star quality of Leo behind. Virgo is discerning and can be a real asset in making the most of the potential of this moment of retrogrades.

And while we are taking a pause to reconsider and review, we will have the light of a Full Moon in Pisces, opposite the Sun in Virgo, to guide us on Thursday, August 31. The Full Moon invites us to see clearly how we are progressing spiritually and re-direct our actions. Or we can block that energy with an addiction of our choosing and focus on that instead. Saint or sinner? Your choice!


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