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Astrology for the week of May 29-June 4

The week starts off enjoyably on Monday, but there is no shortage of drama later in the week. The week culminates in a full moon in the adventurous, optimistic sign of Sagittarius.

Today, Memorial Day, is pretty easy going for most of us, featuring a Mystic Rectangle (magic is possible!), featuring Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Leo, Moon in Libra and Pluto in Aquarius. Creativity is featured, and there is the will and power to make projects close to your heart a reality. A grand trine featuring the Sun in Gemini, Moon in Libra and Pluto in Aquarius reinforces that theme.

The Sun in Gemini depicts the Executive Branch, and Pluto in Aquarius is Congress and the Moon in Libra is the will of the people. Two days after the debt deal was announced, all three parties have an agreement that the President, the Speaker of the House and the will of the people find pretty fair. But are there votes to pass the compromise??

The aspects for the rest of the week, however, are pretty tense. By May 30, the trine between the Executive Branch (Sun in Gemini), the President and Congress (Pluto in Aquarius) and the people of the US (Moon in Libra) begins to break up. A tense t-square in fixed (entrenched) signs dominates, with Jupiter and North Node in Taurus square Mars in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius.

Things become more tense on May 31, the day of the vote on the debt relief bill, as the t square ripens into a fixed grand cross with the entry of Moon in Scorpio. Wild cards are the presence of Jupiter and the North Node in Taurus. Jupiter not only softens the Grand Cross, but the North Node indicates a role for the fickle finger of fate to intervene - in finances (Taurus) as the people of the US reach to fulfill their destiny. There are at least two camps in opposition to the bill - Venus in Cancer (probably progressives) and Mars in Leo (the who see themselves as King of the World). Interestingly, President Biden's natal moon is conjunct transiting Jupiter and the North Node. I think his savvy as a political negotiator will be helpful in achieving compromise.

On June 2, the trine forms again between Neptune in Pisces, Venus in cancer and the moon in Scorpio. Hopefully, this augurs a more compassionate and progressive stand on the debt relief bill.

All week, the Sun in Gemini (Chief Executive) will have a friction filled relationship with the planet Saturn, indicating that the Executive Branch will find the going heavy and burdensome.

If you have planets in fixed signs, these planetary movements might affect you more personally - you are being challenged to evaluate old, fixed beliefs in order to move into something more relevant to today.

And on June 4, the serious actions of refining or reviewing the debt ceiling bill gets some traction under the Sagittarian Full Moon. If you have Sagittarius planets, you might be able to evaluate how well a project begun under December. 2022's Sagittarian New Moon, is doing.


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