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Astrology for Wednesday, October 7

Two points of views are pictured by the planets today. Venus in Virgo (female) produced surprising opportunities (Uranus in Taurus) that benefited (trine) leadership. That set of planets reminds me of how delighted the GOP is to get an unexpected chance to nominate a third Supreme Court Justice.

The other aspect is less happy. A challenging t-square full of conflict involves three of four Cardinal signs. The Sun in Libra (personal needs demand social justice)is in conflict with the leader (Jupiter in Capricorn) and the leader in turn in conflict with Mars and Eris in Aries. Hasty actions can can lead to a lot of anger because personal needs are violated. Anger is also directed to leadership. There is an Eris-tinged bitterness about not being fully heard.

At the same time, there is deception, as Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces.

Don't believe everything you hear today and discount part of what you see. Deception and anger are afoot, while the Moon in Gemini draws near to the karmic North Node. This will be a perplexing and anger-filled month, but the wild card is both Uranus in Taurus and North Node in Gemini. Expect the unexpected!


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