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Our Collective Flavor is Changing

The Lunar Nodes have changed signs. This happens every 18 months, so it isn't really rare. And it has been a bit since the nodes changed to North Node in Aries; South Node in Libra. That actually happened last month, July 13 to be exact. It may not be rare, but it is important.

The Nodes are a collective mood, for those 18 months. An Archetype for Aries is the Warrior; Libra is the Diplomat. At the South Node, we would like a do-over. The North Node suggests the behaviors that can remedy those shortcomings. South Node in Libra looked for harmony and balance with allies and partners. But maybe we regretted not speaking our truth more plainly, standing up for what we believe. At its worst, Libra can be passive aggressive. Remember, this point is not inherently negative, but it is something we felt was done less than optimally. The North Node in Aries may not be as pretty as Libra, but it can be much more direct and action oriented.

We are seeing a much more direct approach to ex-President Trump's four indictments - all for different, but all serious crimes. Four of them! Aries North Node signals a more forceful and confrontive approach.

Where the US has been all about partnerships and allies (and nothing wrong with that), the time may be coming for more plain speaking. In November and December, 2023, the tone of the media may reflect this more assertive stance. From March - June 2024, the very essence of our democratic country may be challenged to stand up for what we believe.

The Nodes are squaring, or challenging, the US Pluto return at 27 Capricorn. Te Noddes give a feeling of "the fickle finger of fate" to current events, as things take an unforeseen turn. Speaking truth to power is one manifestation. Courage to start something new, a risk that undercuts manipulation and gets straight to the point is another.

Before July 13, the South Node was in Scorpio; the North Node in Taurus. These are financial signs on one level, and the economy, supply chain issues and inflation seemed to suck up all attention from the fact that our economy bounced back faster and better than the rest of the world. And the fact that our unemployment rate was very low, and that wages wound up outstripping the rate of inflation at the end.

The North Node for that 18 months was ruled by the planet Venus. This year, the South Node is in Libra, also ruled by Venus. And Venus is retrograde in Leo right now - going over old ground and reconsidering (the Trump scenario fits there, too!). It makes me think that something we considered a strength is now a liability. A more direct approach is in order. Things need to be said. Positions taken publicly.

If you have planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, you feel this more acutely at various times. Message me if you are interested in how this will affect you personally.


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