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Past Lives Tghrough the Signs - Part II

South Node in Libra, North Node in Aries or

South Node in the 7th House/North Node in the 1st House

With South Node in Libra, you may have over-given to partnership in a past life, to the detriment of establishing your own identity. Libra might say “Peace at any price”. Aries can be quick to take a risk, to establish its identity. This is a lifelong theme - to establish identity, not to be defined by a partner. There may be a tendency, perhaps reinforced in childhood (this life) to be labeled selfish or bad when acting to develop the self. There may be a tendency to demonize any activity that moves oneself away from supporting the group, the family or collective. However, the individual finds that actions that support the collective rather than the self are punishments for the nodal individual. The individual may have to fight or struggle to counteract the efforts to establish identity.

South Node in Scorpio, North Node in Taurus or

South Node in the 8th House/North Node in the 2nd House.

With South Node in Scorpio, you had terrible things happen to you in a past life. Maybe you were the victim of others’ power plays or made others the victims of your own thirst for power. It’s as though you had a touch of PTSD hangover from that lifetime and need an experience of the peace and stability of Taurus to counteract it. Whatever nightmare remains from the past, the prosaic, practical, calm and stable approach of Taurus helps you find healing. One way to soothe yourself is through mindfulness. Taurus has sensual appreciation of things that smell good, look good, taste good, sound good and feel good. Indulge your inner Taurus. It helps heal what ailed you in Scorpio. You deserve some calm, you have been through a storm.

South Node in Sagittarius, North Node in Gemini or

South Node in the 9th House, North Node in the 3rd House

With South Node in Sagittarius, there was a lifetime or lifetimes of knowing what the truth was. Sagittarius South Node might have been a lawyer, prosecutor of evildoer or a priest, lugging around the word of the Bible. For instance, Sagittarius might have been a Jesuit, traveling from Spain to the New World to bring “truth” to the natives. But with North Node in Gemini, your soul chose a lifetime where you would be less dependent on the “isms” you hold to be true, and more on learning through direct experience. The archetypes of Gemini are the Witness, the Journalist. Gemini sees without preconception. Gemini sees with the curiosity and the openness of a child. Every experience is a new one. Your close ones may be afar, at a distance, or they may be viewing you across a divide born of their conception of truth. A brother, sister, neighbor, or even a teacher may enter your your life and help you move forward to the north node.

South Node in Capricorn, North Node in Cancer or

South Node in the 10th House/North Node in the 4th House

Meet someone new, and one of their first questions is “What do you do?” It’s a way to pigeonhole Capricorn. With South Node in the 10th, you had one or more lifetimes (and had this reinforced this lifetime) where you mixed up what you did with who you are. If Capricorn feel useful, he or she feels justified for taking up space on this earth. At the Cancer North Node, the native balances the outer life with a more vivid inner life. Cancer understands it is the culmination of all that went before, and FEELS it has a right to be here just to be themselves. Not because of what has been earned. The South Node in Capricorn feels others look to you to be the leader, the one who "does" - an authority in the outer world. A moody loner, perhaps, carrying a lot of responsibility. But Cancer goes within. It’s archetype is the Mother, the Nurturer. It’s symbol is the turtle, conveniently carrying its house around with it so that it can withdraw, whenever the world gets too pressing. Cancer needs time to find inner balance for the outer life.

South Node in Aquarius, North Node in Leo or

South Node in the 11th House/North Node in the 5th House

There is a sense that friends and organizations - people of like mind - have received support, but the Nodal native, does not feel appreciated for his or her own creativity. Exposure of their Leonine creativity, may feel like Leo north nodes are swinging in the wind on their own, without support. They are compelled to take a risk and expose to public scrutiny a romance or an act of creativity. They are challenged to follow their heart, for their own benefit, not for a societal goal. For instance: if there is a political idealogy about overpopulation and the Nodal native opts to have a child (a physical act of creativity). Or, someone who supports women’s liberation and supports others who do not need or want partners, takes a risk publicly, and has a serious romance. Leo North Node need a dose of self awareness and joyful spontenaiety. All that approval they give to people to be their unique self, needs to be extended to themselves, too.

South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo or

South Node in the 12th House/North Node in the 6th House

In a past life or early on, the Nodal Native wear rose colored glasses, figuratively. They tended to put people and ideologies up on pedestals without fully understanding them. The trouble is that things tend to fall of pedestals. Sometimes things are not what they seem. The Native has proceeded on faith, unbacked by reality. There is a desire to correct this by going to the North Node in Virgo. North Node in Virgo supplies the practicality, the details, and the information to see things as they are, not as they are hoped to be. Virgo can put faith to work to benefit people. They can find the knowledge they need by classifying and sorting data and finding mentors. Many Virgos are serial perfectionists, because they get really good at something, then drop that to go learn about the next thing. And they become excellent at whatever they do. (Never giving themselves credit, however) Much has been written about the addictive tendencies of Pisces or the 12th house. Virgo looks at the practical consequences of addictive behavior (drug, alcohol, work, exercise, television) on the wellness of the body.

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