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Mercury Goes Retrograde Again

Even people who don't care much about astrology in general, like to know when Mercury is retrograde. Why? Because it a widely experienced phenomenon that tends to affect our travel, our appointments, our (expensive) electronics, our major decisions and big purchases.

Mercury will be in retrograde, in an impetuous fire sign, Aries. Its effects will be felt until April 15. If you can avoid any of the above, great! But life being what it is, sometimes you just have to act...or it feels that way, anyway. Fortunately, you can be aware that Mercury is in retrograde and take some simple steps to make this time more agreeable.

Slow down. Chill out. If it feels really pressing, is it really or does it just feel that way? Be a bit more patient if delays regarding transportation or missed appointments occur. Sometimes those lost keys or missed appointments occur because you need time to think something over. Does it feel completely right? If not, see my first two phrases.

Events that happen under the retrograde often feel like mountains that cause a frenetic freak out reaction. Examples, my first action was to lose my phone. But it was in the lost and found! My daughter's car would not start, so AAA had to tow it, BUT when the car was restarted later, it ran fine. Lesson: Don't freak out too soon. Chill.

Read the fine print. Check your details thoroughly, whether it is a contract, negotiation or appointment. Make sure you are consciously aware of everything, be it a schedule or a contract on a house.

Communication sent out during a retrograde (like a resume or joining a dating service) often get a response (or responses), but these tend to fizzle out once mercury resumes direct motion.

To add fuel to an already raging Aries fire, the rule of Aries is Mars, and it is out of bounds this month. So, we will probably see some outsize responses to unusual actions...on a personal and a macro environment level.

This is a better time to tie up loose ends than initiate projects, so chill when possible, postpone new projects if you can, and read the fine print on everything. The Devil really can be found in the details

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