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What is blocking you? There are tools that can help you find your best life!

Astrology describes who you are, what your blockages might be, and your resources, too. Even more importantly, it describes WHY WE ARE HERE AND WHY NOW. It literally is, as my mentor Steven Forrest said, a roadmap to your best life. Every planetary energy has a Side A (the happiest and best use of your energy) and Side B (the efforts that lead to stagnation, frustration or depression). Being human, we often do a mix of Side A and Side B behaviors, but when we know better, we can do better.

Perhaps more importantly, astrology tells us WHEN issues will arise as well as when it will be OVER. What we experience may transform our lives, but astrology gives us clues on how to survive and thrive.

Astrology works best when you have your birth time, but if you don’t (or you just like tarot), then there is …

LeNormand Tarot. I lay the cards out in a horoscope spread, so it makes a comment about every area of life - relationship, career, finances, how you play, feel, think and how you are guided. Three cards fall into each “house” - so I use that combination of cards to comment on the affairs related to that house. As the querent shuffles the cards, they concentrate on the question and have a time frame in mind. The cards aren’t good indefinitely. I like to confine questions to six months, maximum. The reason? Tarot, like astrology, does not COMPEL you to do things a certain way; they INFORM you. You can shape your destiny to its most satisfying outcome.

But there is another way to change and invite new adventures into your life…

FENG SHUI. If a blockage exists, it will exist in a space you occupy - your home, your office, somewhere you spend a lot of time. A space can be “read” just like an astrology or tarot consultation. And a feng shui practitioner can recommend CURES for things that are not aligning with your intentions. Intention is everything. Feng shui works because you are taking an unseen desire or intention and grounding it by acting in harmony with it in your space. By taking the first step on your journey, you are inviting Providence to align with your intentions and demonstrating that you want to travel the road you are on.

Good things can’t happen when the house or office is so full of stuff that there is no room for something new. Doing things to your space doesn’t make change happen. But it does make a statement about where you want to go.

I believe in the tools of Astrology, LeNormand Tarot and Feng Shui and am ready to put them to use in your service. Contact me at brooks736@gmail.comfor an appointment,and see how you can find a roadmap for your best life.

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