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Notes on Friday, June 21

It i possible to make strides in relationships. Venus is in Gemini, the Moon in another airy sign, Aquarius. The trick is that progress is possible, if you surrender to the softer, more caring side of yourself, without making compromises that threaten the integrity of your core self. Surrender to where you have learned compassion, to act in accord with your spiritual ideals. Take a risk to put what you have learned is right and true, and don't listen to your ego...these energies are beyond ego and reach right up into spirit. Here are the downsides, if you protect your own pride and do not act of compassion, you may lose your shot. You . may have your freedom, but as Janis Joplin said, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." Particularly true for those born, or with planets, in the middle of a sign.

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