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Astrology of Monday, July 22

Today is a great day to peel the onion - what do I mean by that? Just when you think you have reached a layer and understand it, you find another layer under that! So it goes with unconscious patterns of wounding. It is work to understand that your attitudes are unique to you - not necessarily the "truth" for everyone. Put another way, is a fish aware that it is in water? We can assume that's just the way things are - in romance, in career, in health or whatever. But maybe we are just reacting in old, habitual ways and not realizing that it's "just the way things are". Instead, maybe we are looking at our habitual, unconscious way of reacting. Reality can be quite different. Our reactions can be quite different. Once you become "woke", a new range of possibilities emerge. The result is healing, not hurting yourself. And maybe you can help others, too.

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