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Astrology of Tuesday, August 6

Today has an interesting chart with the moon progressing from the relationship oriented sign Libra (also concerned with what is fair and just) into the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio. Scorpio likes to dive deep into a person's psyche. They are looking to see if they can trust the other person. They'd enjoy a meeting of souls. Opportunity comes to the love planets, Venus and Mars. There is a keen awareness that you want and need to love and be loved. At the very least, do things with someone you trust who is willing to go toe to toe with your soul. Things that begin in the early morning seem light, but often become more intense than you originally planned as the day goes on. Another aspect of the day is that there are a whole lot of power issues going on. You may speak truth to the Old Guard and challenge their assumptions of power (also involving journalists who have investigated the status quo and are ready to challenge it). There may be a feeling that you can have emotional security or be free to be you - but not both. Who says? Just respect the need you have for security while cultivating a little personal liberty.

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