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Astrology of Thursday, August 15

Today finds you very tolerant of others' individuality and rights as an individual - because you cherish your own rights! It is another feel good day. Your vitality as an individual and in relationships meets new opportunities. Big ideas abound. Yes, you are still wrestling with how to practically express your evolving needs as an individual, but it is a bit more internal. You have to decide who you are before you can resolve the dilemma of how to translate your own need for freedom, change, edginess, newness into practical terms. Grounding and those big ideas - how can they become one whole? And are you assuming that old rules apply to how you express the new you? Well, you know what they say about assuming making you an ass. Without big ideas, we'd never embrace change. And without change, we often go dead inside. And that's not what you want today.

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