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Astrology of Wednesday, August 28

Wow! The astrological movements today are fantastic! For those born 10 days or less into the signs Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn (as well as planets besides the sun there), this is a day of opportunity. A long cherished desired for liberation from your day to day grind that shows off more of your natural vitality and energy is released now. The authorities, your current status quo, is allowing you to to claim a new cycle. This window doesn't last forever, so if that is what you are it, do it now. The moon is in the creative and romantic sign of Leo adds impetus to the creative urge to let something new be born into the world...and expect some validation for doing it. Not to say there are not doubts. Acting out of ego and pride alone may set up barriers. Cooperate with the universal flow and don't beat your chest or blow your own horn too loudly. The key to unlocking your potential is to let your beliefs and ideals light your path (not the ego). Pull a Nike: Just Do It!

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