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Astrology of Friday, August 30

Today is more of "yes" than a "no" day. Want to grow? Yes, please. Want to break out of your routine? Yes, please. Can this really be woven into my life? Yes, it can.

The moon is new today in discriminating Virgo, and no sign can more practically make new things happen than Virgo. Earthy signs like Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are very practical and think things through.

The fact that the moon is new means that it is waxing, or getting bigger, til the full moon in about 14 days. So we are liberated on a cycle of growth. It is a flow of natural energy. Take advantage of it to implement a plan that reflects something new and liberating in your life. "Now I can" should be the watchword.

The very authorities that stood in your way, stand aside and allow an opening to implement your new ideas. They may not love it, but you have earned it!

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