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Astrology of Saturday, August 31

Hope is in the air. We remain in a growth cycle featuring the earth element. Planets are in the earth element signs of Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. They unite in a common language of making it happen in the world we live in - the material world.

Matter is spiritual, too, just slowed down enough for us human beings to experience it. Spirituality must be "earthed" or grounded enough for us to feel it and experience it. Separating matter from spirit or spirit from matter in the plane of existence is really not...practical!

Earth element puts the focus on planet Earth, too. The Amazon is burning; a Category 4 hurricane is barreling down on the Bahamas and the US East Coast. The current partnership in earth signs will, hopefully, usher in a greater sense of urgency in dealing with the impact of climate change.

And it isn't just the planets in that nice earth trine that are saying yes to action, allowing new possibilities to exist that underscore our individuality, that give us permission from the powers that be in our life to do something new. This trine feels so good that it is easy to kick back and enjoy the good vibes but don't waste the opportunity. Eight out of ten planets are in earth right now! This is an unusual opportunity to materialize our vision and to be aware of our home, Planet Earth.

Sometime today - certainly before September 8, feel the earth. Kick off your shoes, ground yourself and imagine yourself sinking into the supportive earth. Feel it support you. Our culture often takes earth for granted. We no longer have that luxury. Experience it and let it speak to you.

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