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Astrology of Monday, September 2

Happy Labor Day! Hope you are grilling and chilling! The feel good, go for it aspect remains in the sky, affecting us all until September 8. Again, it is a green light, more yeses than nos day.

But with this freedom of awareness comes a few "buts." But are my relationships all they could be? But, hold on, do they match who I am becoming? You may be in a period of change. Do beliefs, principles, compassion have a clearly defined role in your new world?

We are in a Virgo time, and Virgo's strength is to see clearly and operationalize desires. There are aspects that bring in the ability to relate to others. Virgo loves well, but not blindly. Virgos see the good and the bad, and if they love you anyway, that is true love!

If you are on the receiving end of Virgo's critical stare, allow yourself to be measured and have confidence that you will measure up. This is not a time to conceal, but to go with the truth of the situation. Wouldn't you prefer to be loved for who you are? Remember, there are good vibes out there today, so you may fare very well under scrutiny!

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