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Astrology of Wednesday, September 4

Hope does spring eternal, and is supported by the big, happy trine (harmony, ease of action) in the sky. Who you have been in the past has brought you to this point . where you have earned the right to act as your own person. But change doesn't come to humans easily, so there is likely to be some starts and stops, some emotional reactions as well.

Yesterday was chaotic, due to the drama of the transiting Scorpio Moon opposing Uranus. If there was a challenge to your actions, big drama was sure to follow.

Today, we're a little past the chaos, although some intensity remains. There is a strong link between your emotions and your connection to spirituality. The wisdom of the head and the intuition of the heart have to work in tandem to find truly wise compromises.

You may find you have to swallow a few words said in anger yesterday to keep moving forward. It may have been an emotional outburst. No wonder, the action has been nonstop, and you have a desire to have actions measure up to your spiritual ideals, too.

The desire to keep moving toward the future of your own goals, hopes and wishes is strong. And there is certainly support from the Universe in doing so. But today and yesterday, there can be some emotional response to the pressure of change, too.

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