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Astrology of Thursday, September 5

You are raring to go today, with the moon, the planet of our emotions, in sunny and optimistic Sagittarius. You can use that optimism and sense of cheer, because while you are raring to go, your plans will need a degree of adjustment.

The harmonious aspect that reigns in the heavens is still there, supporting action that is freeing and by now, well deserved. But this adjustment is like a nagging concern that causes existing plans to be changed a bit Early tomorrow, things are resolved in an upbeat way, that finds a compromise that is close enough to the original vision that you can live with any changes that arise.

The adjustment aspect causes some stress, but it is only shedding some light on an issue that needs to be addressed before moving ahead.

All is not lost. Opportunity alert! Coming up a little later in the day.

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