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Astrology of Saturday, September 14

The veil between the reality of our world and the world of spirit is thin today. You may experience some confusion or conflicting priorities.

You’d be happy to spend the day dreaming at home perhaps, or a lazy brunch, followed by a nap, but you are torn. You’d like to act, get things done, so you are torn. This seesaw of priorities gives the day a kind of off and on again quality.

You can can see clearly what needs to be done, but may lack the will to get it done. You are tired! Rest and formulate your plans. You’ll be able to forge ahead tomorrow once you are rested.

This is tug of war between the need for achievement and recognition vs. sleepy, security needs may result later in the day in blamingold wounds for lack of achieving what you want. Forge yourself anew. You can choose to be you, not a product of your past.

The full moon ushers in a 14 day cycle of review, revising who you are and what you hope to achieve.

This is an interesting day. And you know the old Chinese curse - May you live in interesting times? Well, things are not that bad, not bad at all. But interesting.

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