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Astrology of Wednesday, September 18

Do not underestimate the power of your emotions today. If you feel something strongly enough, you are more than likely to act upon those feelings. So long as your actions are possible in a practical way, you have permission from the authorities in your life to go ahead. We had a long "go for it" atmosphere in the heavens until September 8; this is a similar feeling. All the new thoughts and ideas that liberate you, allow you to expose more of the essential you to the world around you - maybe their time has come. Saturn, the great limiting and defining force, is moving forward to - so enough with contemplating your naval. It is time to put plans you feel strongly about into action. Just do so in conformance with what is real, practical and principled. Staying true to your principles is a big theme. If you are a believer in karma, you are building karma through your actions now. Stay grounded, but seek freedom!

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