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Astrology of Thursday, September 19

For once, your identity and your soul, daytime and nighttime drives, are in sync. Out of the wounds of the past, you have earned an ease in finding yourself today....a creature who is a product of your past, but also a product of your own thoughts, attitudes and wishes.

What can't you be? What can't you create? You are feeling a drive to create a future that you've been wanting to put in motion for a while now. You are grounded, but hopeful that something new, yet practically do-able will become a part of your life.

The brakes are's time to forge ahead. If you can dream it, you can make it so. Don't be limited in your thinking. Dream big. The Universe is so much bigger and more capable than we are. It is time to tap int that rich wellspring.

But do not forge ahead so quickly or practically, that you forget your principles, compassion, and allow the frailty of others to be taken into consideration. Don't detach or break eggs to make an omelet. Go forward in a big way, the Universe supports you, but you don't need to force your way past another person's feelings. Care for them as you would for your own. Everyone has rights. So do you!

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