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Astrology of Sunday, September

Today heralds some good luck in relationships. It may be a day to indulge in a relationship that is a bit unusual or eve..deceptive, dare I say it?

For others, old secrets may be revealed. Secrets from past actions are hard to keep quiet today, so if there are anyskeletons rattling around in your closet...they may be exposed. This might be a hard lesson, but one that needs to happen if you are to move forward on you future plans.

Yep, those skeletons may be the very thing that is anchoring you to your past. Your heart and emotions are much more in sync with the future, with home, with family, whatever constitutes your emotional "nest".

Exposing what is holding you back from your destiny is exactly what today is about, but it is a challenging situation, for sure. If you try to retreat into past actions, it may feel as dry as dust. You've been there and gotten the -shirt for it. Time to move on.

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