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Astrology of Tuesday, September 24

As much as you would enjoy something new in your usual routine, watch how you go about integrating it into your life. If you find depression and phobia in either yourself or someone near you, take it as evidence that you need to take another tack.

Relying on luck alone will not be enough. You may hear choruses or voices encouraging you to think practically. Sure, your solutions should be practical, but dream big, anyway. You can make the impractical practical right now.

There may be some emotional wear and tear in dealing with the discordant voices that resonate with your own need for emotional security, but you have a crying need to change things up. That deserves some respect, too.

Change is necessary to move with the times. And if there are skeletons rattling around in your closet, particularly if they have to do with holding you back from where you want to be, that will need to be addressed, too.

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