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Astrology of Friday, September 27

You might be happiest at home, working on it, even bringing past things of little value back to life. Under stress, though, the drama just flows. Try to do what you want today to avoid emotional scenes.

Likewise, there is some good fortune in relationships, even speaking your piece. However, that luck in speaking out could offend the old guard, who has trouble taking in a new point of view.

Nevertheless, changes in viewpoint are inevitable, and if the old guard is defensive or reluctant to let go, change will still result, but it may be attended by more pain than need be. Change itself is not the cause of stress; it is resistance to change that makes change difficult.

There is also a desire to change the details of a situation that you can fully grasp(trees), but the bigger picture (the forest) is a little harder to see. This fogs up and distracts from moving forward, and this is frustrating! You are raring to go! But, let it unfold. All will come clear in a bit.

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