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Astrology of Sunday, October 6

Are things as they seem today? You may wake up, thinking things are fine and uneventful, only to be hit with some drama you did not see coming.

Question what happens today. Is there a hidden agenda? Is someone trying to pull at your heartstrings for their own purposes?

There is likely to be some emotional upheaval, especially early in the day. That may impact your relationships.

This is all part of the cost of incorporating something new and different into your life. People around you need time to adjust and may try to herd you into behaviors that they they know, understand and expect from you. But those days are gone. They will get used to it. It's a day of some good times and some emotional upheaval. Never fear . though, expressing your individuality will dominate, especially later in the day.

Changing it up always has a cost. If you act set on your course and confident, people will adjust accordingly. Vacillate, and they may take advantage of an apparent weakness.

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