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Astrology of Sunday, October 13

It is the Aries full moon today, triggering realizations about our relationships and our own identity within them. Everyone needs close relationships...not having them can trigger a life-threatening situation. Really. For most of us, feelings of isolation can lead to a mild, often passing depression.

Nevertheless, once in a close relationship, the question of how it affects your identity comes up. Are you able to be yourself? Are you getting what you need? Can you hold onto a sense of self and still keep the relationship? These questions are not selfish; they are integral to keeping a healthy sense of self even when you are in relationship with another.

I say this because today's horoscope highlights that question - how much of me remains when I merge with another, but is reinforced by other aspects asking can I have the freedom I need within the relationship? Is it one or the other?

You have grown to a point where you might not be ready to sacrifice all for the sake of a have gotten more mature and more independent. You may sense, or fear, that if you speak your truth, you may sacrifice relationship for the sake of relationship.

Some domestic drama may be in store, whatever course you take. Listen to the emotional outpourings. There may be some wisdom there...they may help you or your significant other say what needs to be said. The whole subject may be too emotionally charged for feelings to surface calmly.

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