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Astrology of Saturday, October 18

Today, the moon is in home and family conscious Cancer. Security ranks high on the list, but you are about to step forward into something new, something that you have felt was your destiny all along. You feel compassion toward all living things, and you feel for people who are damaged by current events. Emotionally, you can empathize.

Acting still feels a bit challenging. In particular, will expanding your horizons, meeting your own personal destiny, cost you in terms of existing relationships? Maybe. Happens all the time. Are you and your partner growing in the same direction? Is your relationship strong enough to withstand change and added freedom?

If so, things are fine. If not, can you bear the cost of staying within the expected confines of the the risk of ignoring your own destiny?

In any case, the only way for you now is to concentrate on yourself, your changing needs, your core identity. That is your North Star. Follow it.

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