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Astrology of Sunday, October 20

Destiny has arrived. Looking to make a needed change to give you more freedom, to fit your emerging life better? Today is a day when reaching for your fate is possible. Always wanted to (fill in the blank) . Today is a day you might be drawn into that change. The old limits and structures of your life have an emotional cost. You can't e patted on the head and encouraged to act in ways that are dated or ineffective. This is a day to be authentically yourself and let the changing parameters of your life work themselves out. This all hinges on a healthy acceptance of yourself, of your own identity. Know that if things seem unfamiliar and you feel a bit vulnerable - this is not the way your father taught you would be workable, after all - feeling vulnerable doesn't mean it is bad. Unfamiliar does not equate to bad. Things are just different, and you haven't been this way before. That is new, not bad.

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