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Astrology of Wednesday, October 23

Those born during the last ten days or so of the signLeo (or withLeo planets) are ready to play and allow themselves the freedom they need to create. They are ready to put that new freedom to use in a fun way and are emotionally grounded enough to do so. You want to act today, not wait. And you may feel quite optimistic about your actions.

You may still be wondering if you can have the freedom, the liberty to pursue your passions, without losing your identity - what you have always been known for. Yes, you can. Just take balance all parts of you - your need for liberty and your need to relate to people.

Whatever concerns you may have about your core self, your glamorous image is intact. Not only your image is intact as far as significant others go, but you also receive understanding for your own eccentricities. In other words, you can do you without sacrificing your relationships with others.

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