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Astrology of Thursday, October 24

Today is a day of intense contradictions. You have one foot firmly planted in freedom, liberation and change while the other foot is just as firmly set with the authorities and rules you grew up with. Can you integrate your new desire to add something new, more edgy, more YOU into the Picture? Or is that too risky? Because the known and predicatable seems so much more practical? It is a conundrum, for sure.

If you have recently plunged into the risky, the unknown, you may be plagued by doubts today. You gave up what you knew worked! Well. the old ways are changing, and the world asit was may no longer exist for you. Don't second guess yourself. Walk boldly into your future. Just because something seems new and unfamiliar, it is not always a bad thing to step out of your comfort zone. Let life unfold.

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