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Astrology of Sunday, October 27

Today is a day of contradictions. The moon is in sunny Libra - an emphasis on seeing the beauty in all things and on harmony. The sun is in deep-diving Scorpio, intense and looking for what is REALLY true.

So you may feel pretty optimistic - but is your optimism based on true perceptions or are you seeing thing through rose colored glassed. Maybe you are ready to look at the world in colorized Cinemascope when it really resembles film noir.

You may not WANT to see things that are not so "pretty" - flawed as it were. And those in authority would be just as happy if you did. Indeed, you risk the wrath of the powers that be in your life if you act upon your truth. Who wants to see that, they say.

Suss out the reality from the glamor of the image by seeing if words and actions match. If you feel confused, a lie is present.

We are very close to the new moon in Scorpio which will usher in 14 days of a growth cycle. It is a fertile time to "seed" new ideas. Plan to take advantage of it. (It is a good time now through Tuesday to garden, too.)

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