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Astrology of Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween! I was thinking about the "big picture" and how we all reside under the same big sky. Things that affect us personally affect countries and cities and people in power. They also affect us. The key for a person or a country is - do some of the planets traveling overhead now make a connection with the planets in the birth chart. For the US, (and probably lots of people - I know for a fact that Donald Trump's bell is being rung, not only by Democrats in Congress, but you can see it in his personal chart, too.

For some time I have been writing about the dilemma of identity - who are we? And what new freedom do we crave? That is a personal question, but it is a US question, too. Chiron, the wounded centaur in myth, is in the sign of Aries. Aries asks the question Who am I? What will I be? And Uranus is orbiting the sign of Taurus, a practical, values oriented sign. Taurus asks, What are our values? How can I express them in the world?

The Scorpio new moon took place on October 28 and ushers in a period of digging. Mercury will be retrograde, or going over old ground, much of the month of November. Facts will be dug up and exposed. The retrograde will be from Nov. 2 to 21. Things will be particularly volatile on November 21. And Mercury won't touch the place where it began to go backward until early December. It will be a time to revisit, unearth, review.

We can ask ourselves and our country: Who am I and what are my values?

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