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Astrology of Tuesday, November 5

You may do or say something that offends those in authority over you. It is a hard choice - expressing what you want through your actions or saying something that may disturb the status quo. Still, you seem luckier if you act on your heart's desire than holding it in. Wil you, nil you seem almost certain to speak out loud what you are doing. It is not a secret, and those you love know they must make ad adjustment, allow you the freedom you need. It's like that adage, "If you love it, let it go" . Your love cannot be compelled; if you care, you will be there for those you love. There seems to be the tension of a test - if the relationship is strong enough to experience some growing pains of one or both of the partners, it survives the testing and is stronger for it. Ifnot, you'' know the relationship will confine you like too small shoes, pinching your toes.

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