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Astrology of November 7

The logic of the head and the intuition of the heart are in sync today. Others may not "get" what to you is so obvious - that you are marching today to the beat of your own drummer. No, they may just see what they want to see and cannot penetrate the image to se you are you are. So, a little more explaining may be in order to bring those who are important to you along in your journey. It is still Mercury retrograde, which makes a mistake in perception more likely. Today may be a day when you are willing to break eggs to make the omelet of your choosing. You cannot embrace change without disturbing some of those who like the status quo just fine, thank you very much. You have kindness and empathy today. There are those in your life who need it, but don't forget to give yourself some compassion, too. Kindness and a willingness to merge deeply, unreservedly, brings opportunity. It is as though instant karma gonna get you!

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