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Astrology of Sunday, November 10

You may be of two minds today...part of you finds it easy to sleep, to take time to reflect. That certainly fits during a Mercury Retrograde moment. It isn't a great time to initiate new projects; instead,it is a great to reflect, digest, review the past. You can lok beyond how things appear to find a different, substantive truth.

On the other hand, you would also like to act....a good day for getting things done around the house. Much to your frustration, something may be sowing a little chaos into your life - maybe to give you the necessary time for rest and reflection.

Nevertheless,it is a beautiful day in St. Louis. I'm going to ignore my own advice because inaction is just too frustrating. I'm going out to chop up fallen leaves with the lawnmower. If something unplanned prevents me from being task oriented,I'll give in with good grace and opt forthe rest/relaxation route! I can't help myself!

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