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Astrology of Wednesday, November 13

Today is a day of emotional adjustments. You are not ready to act, for fear of the consequences, but you are not emotionally satisfied, either. Remember, because of the Mercury retrograde and the moon cycle, this is a good time for reflection, not initiating. So, the disquietude grows with the authorities in your life and your ever-increasing desire to do things that are right for you. You are increasingly restless to individuate yourself fromthe herd. Change, you may feel, is taking too long....but new authorities and rules will develop. It just isn't time yet.

A new way of doing things more particular to you will test your existing relationships. It isn't destined that those relationships will end. But they must be elastic enough for you to create something new and fresh, more individually you. And the other person either allows you that freedom or it may be bette to part ways than to have a chronic case of the "what ifs". You don't want to live in shoes that pinch you, do you? You can settle for that old shoe, but you must make peace with the "pinch". If you find there is more freedom than you thought, yay for the relationship!

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