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Astrology of Sunday, November 17

What will you do in the world? You and perhaps the women in your life, are strongly opposed to the current authorities. You may long for kindness and generosity, and the ability to be who you are, without pretenses designed to mollify the people in power - bosses, parents, even government.

This a day when you are very sensitive. You may need to shut out the world today at times because you can pick up too much stimuli. Your also have a grand compassion for people who are undergoing treatment for addiction problems, for the health of our planet - really, you could should a tear, shed some blood for the many problems humanity is facing now.

If you hear from someone unexpectedly from the past, don't be too moved. They may be out of your life as quickly as they came in again, once the mercury retrograde is over. Mercury lumbers about and goes direct November 21, but its effects may be felt for another week til Mercury gets out from under its shadow - the point at which it first went retrograde.

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