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Astrology of Friday, November 22

The parallel between world events and the chart of the day is so strong, I feel compelled to comment on it. In a sense, the stars are describing the waters we all swim in. but there will also be an effect if your personal planets are touched by the movements of the planets as well. The actual events may differ, but there will be a similar theme.

The people of the United States are in the process of sorting out their identity- who they are and what morals will they have. The people have a strong concern with family and relationships that are hard to reconcile with the ideas of leadership, the conservative powers particularly, about women, relationships and the rights of those in power. It is getting to be a bitter pill to swallow.

Words and actions of late have been jarring to say the least. Much of the defense of people in power has been more about style and image than substance. An elusive picture of those in power has been projected, but the facts are not supporting it. Mercury, planet of communication, is direct. Uranus is stripping away the facade; truth begins to emerge.

On a personal level, if you have skeletons in your closet, it may be as well to confess to them and allow the light of truth to be seen by those you care about.

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