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Astrology of Sunday,

Looking at the alignment of planets today, it is hard to see beyond politics. The moon is in the political sign of Aquarius, the same moon sign as the United States' chart. It tends to align with the "rights of man", just as Thomas Jefferson said before the Revolution. Aquarius' ruling planet is Uranus which is introducing a note of individualism to normally staid and reliable Taurus.

At the same time, Jupiter will move, two days from now, into the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter expands anything it touches, bringing luck and opportunities. Capricorn is associated with the conservative forces of the right. It's shadow side is a pompous ignoring of fact and deciding that one side has a lock on the truth. Ergo, any ruthless action that supports them is justifiable.

Mercury and Mars are in Scorpio. That means communication and actions that expose secrets.

What is going on next week politically? The release of the House Impeachment Articles. The stage is set for a great idealogical conflict. The left longs for individual freedoms; the right will feel justified in ruthlessly putting down ideas that conflict with theirs. Which side will win? I can't comment. People do have free will, so the question wil be: As an American, who am I? What do I believe in?

So that is the macro world, but the same longing for freedom is in conflict with a more cautious attitude in your private world. Secrets will come to light that aid you in deciding the answer. Do not take a position without feeling and thinking through the information that comes to light. The shadow side of this is to prematurely take a position and ignore salient facts. That is the height of arrogance and pompousness. You are better than that. Next week begins an important time that extends to mid January. Make the most of it by digging deep and asking yourself - Who am I? What do I believe in. Ultimately, politics are about morals, and that depends on who you are.

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