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Astrology of Monday, December 2

It is official. Jupiter has moved from its own sign, Sagittarius, into the sign Capricorn. Jupiter rules lawsuits, philosophy, travel, higher education, and pursuits of the higher mind. In our government, Capricorn is associated with the Executive Branch; Jupiter with the Judiciary. I would be remiss if I didn't note that the House Judiciary Committee is reviewing the impeachment of the highest executive in the land, the President.

What is happening on the macro level is also a figurative expression of what is happening to individuals. In either case, digging for the truth is a theme. Looking beyond the trappings of power - the public image - and the private reality, which may be quite different.

For individuals, the focus is on tailoring their life to reflect their changing individual needs. Not being satisfied with the traditional trappings of authority, they want to dig for the truth behind the image.

On the macro level, the planet Uranus signifies Congress, and Congress will dig up dirt. And communicate their findings. On a personal level, if you have things to hide, exposure is quite likely now. Those skeletons rattling in the closet will be seen.

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