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Astrology of Thursday, December

For those with the Sun or other planet at 1 - 5 degrees of a sign, you may be asking yourself "Who am I". How much freedom do I need? Without a clear sense of yourself, you may charge off, acting, but not addressing your real needs. It's not a totally bad thing. By experimenting, you learn what ISN'T you, and get to outline who you are by process of elimination.

Here is a hint: if what you are doing seems to prop up the proper image shown to the outside world, check in with yourself to see if you are meeting your inner needs.

The day starts off with a dreamy, restful feeling, but that "hole in your soul" may make an appearance. Jupiter makes everything it touches bigger, so both your identity issues and need to be idiosyncratically yourself, get bigger today! Jupiter also brings opportunities - not of your own make - to clarify your options.

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