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Astrology of Saturday, December 7

A cover up may be in the offing to hide the nefarious actions of those traditionalists and conservatives you have in your life. Laid bare, there is confusion and chaos brewing. While there may be a feeling that is needed - upset the status quo - folks aren't quite willing to expose themselves to public view.

As yourself where am I covering up my need for freedom and individuality to placate the powers that be in my life. Particularly true for those with the Sun or other planets in late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Unsure where your planets are? Create your chart for free on, using the new person button under horoscopes. An English interpretation of the astrological glyphs are at the bottom of the chart.

Still unsure or unable to do it? Contact me here, and I'll help you.

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