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Astrology of Wednesday, December 11

The moon is just past full, and information surfaces that can be seen clearly under its bright light. We are midway between moon cycles - about 14 days of a growing sense of unearthing secrets. The digging for truth continues for the waning portion of the moon cycle, another 14 days, but the emphasis will be on reviewing material that has been unearthed.

The context is different, that is all, between the US government or the individual. The symbols mean slightly different things, but everything takes place under the same sky.

So, there is a secret, communication of which makes people feel vulnerable and less safe. This secret cannot be ignored; an adjustment to actions must be made. The old guard - that generation of older white men, for the most part, collude with an ally, to keep their secret. Another party is involved, attempting to keep secret things secret. But actions persist in looking behind the scenes. Congress is symbolized by Uranus, and it will receive several opportunities to open the door to understanding.

If you are looking at the sky wondering about your personal situation - if you have any skeletons in your closet, they may now be revealed. If an affair is in progress, it is likely to be made known. In either case, US or personal impact, we are looking at broken structures that do not work and are a thing of the past. Breakdowns will happen so that breakthroughs take place.

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