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Astrology of Monday, December 16

Two flowing, harmonious aspects are in the sky, one slightly more powerful than the other.

In the more powerful aspect, a trine forms between Sun/Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus and Moon in Leo (by transit). Normally trines, or a big triangle form in the same element, so they "get" one another and work together in harmony. This aspect is a dissociate trine, meaning it involves elements of different persuasions - earth and fire. They don't normally work together easily, but right now they are. Earth likes caution and practically. Fire likes action and can be impatient. At its worst, this combination leads to an overabundance of caution despite the desire to act impulsively. At its' best, action is tempered and made useful so that these actions are of practical benefit. Earth can sober up fire. The terrain will be insights that deal with new developments with the highest ethics, embodying the will of the people. Real estate transactions can occur suddenly, sometimes from afar.

The less powerful aspect deals with Mars in Scorpio, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces - a marriage of earth and water. This can serve to bolster an image to hide the power hungry rulers - and encourage them to act with impunity.

A clash of two powerful forces - around principles and image - and both have some resources to call upon. At least fornow.

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