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Astrology of Tuesday, December 17

The big triangle in the sky today between the Sun, Uranus and the Moon continues, allowing these planets to interact harmoniously. One thing it says:. Both the mind and the instinctual level work together to receive new information. They are not limited by their ideas about what is true or even their own philosophy. Operating from the highest principles, they are able to see something unusual, unsettling and novel in their experience, without denying the existence of a new thought. On a personal level, this may manifest as not being disturbed by a rebel, an outcast, a genius or a revolutionary. No need to ostracize or demonize the new experience, it can be integrated into the personality without hindrance now.

Meantime, Mars in Scorpio keeps digging at the facade of things to know where the real power lies. The old ways can be built upon, but will hardly emerge unchanged.

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