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Astrology of Wednesday, December 18

So much that is going on in the heavens that is reflected by the impeachment process, it is impossible for me ot to comment on it.

The Executive Branch is in turmoil as secrets have been uncovered. Chaotic Uranus and vengeful asteroid Eris are trine the Sun, symbolic ofExecutive Authority. Uranus also represents th Congressional branch of government.

The Moon, the people, is in discriminating Virgo, so they can parse out what is broken and breaking down in Washington. Some of them are upset about the allegations of misconduct; others feel that secrets have been uncovered and must be spoken about and acted upon. There is a concern that allies are not being treated as they should be; this is attributed to the dysfunction in Washington.

Today is a day of debate. The energy we see opposing impeachment is the old guard, the conservative men, refusing to hold the executive branch to account. Who will win - I don't think it is clear yet. Obviously, I have my own biases, but Chiron, the wounded healer, is transiting the sign Aries, which has to do with identity. The people always have free will, no outcome is guaranteed. Everything depends on one decision: who will we be going forward? A democracy? A constitutional republic?

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