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Astrology of Thursday, December 19

We live in historic times, so I'm going to comment on the impeachment and then the personal effects of planetary movements.

The GOP has continued to stress that lack of procedure and partisanship has characterized the house impeachment, but never addressed the substance of the Articles of Impeachment. Maybe, as Stephen Colbert suggested, the ostrich with its head in the sand, should e the new GOP mascot. There is an aspect in the sky that suggests traditional authority is burnishing its image, not what lies underneath it. (a Mars-Neptune, Saturn Pluto south node thing, for you astrologers).

This isn't fooling all the people. They are having a hard time digesting the facts as they have been revealed, and many are hoping for an adjustment that hews more closely to their principles.

As always, we are all confronted with the question Who will we be going forward? Resolution of that identity question is important on a political and a personal level.

It isn't hard to translate this to a personal level. The question of identity looms large (Chiron in Aries). Women, in particular, are having a hard time with the secrets the male patriarchy has at its core, even while their staid institutions of power insist they do not exist. The digging for truth will continue about 20 more days.

These are important days, astrologically, politically and personally. Eclipse season begins on Christmas Day. I'll discuss that tomorrow.

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