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Astrology of Saturday, December 21

We are getting close to some big astrological events - the Sun will enter Capricorn on December 23; there will be a solar eclipse on Christmas Day and a new moon in Capricorn on the 26th. Next year, a lunar eclipse in Cancer will happen on January 10, around the time that a Senate trial and the State of the Union address. And Jupiter, which transits a new sign every year, has entered Capricorn, too. To put it mildly, there is a LOT of Capricorn energy.

Capricorn is associated with hard work, ambition, caution and the constraints of reality. Capricorn is the wise old elder that shares truth (their truth, that is) with the younger generation. Capricorn is guarding the way things were, in diametric opposition to where things need to go. Its focus is the past, conservatism. At the same time Ceres, a planet about climate change is in the midst of that energy - so it is possible that the older generation could do something about the planet if not too busy beating their breast about things are not as they were.

What will be the impact? The will of people, or women in your life, may feel like revelations have discomfited them, but are uneasy about the direction of the energy. They may be angry and unsure that their needs and goals will be met. Style, substance, human ethics are on the table. Each person must decide what they feel is right - and act accordingly. Who am I and who will I be is a key question for us all.

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