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Astrology of Thursday, December 26

Did you feel the commencement of something new on the solar eclipse yesterday. It was not long after the new moon, either, which also presages a period of growth. Something has been seeded.

Yesterday's eclipse favors wishes of the people. Traditional authority has been eclipsed by the mood of the people, and exists as they wish it to exist. New insights and ideas about new technologies are being digested. First, the foundations of power are shifting and changing. Internally first.

So much energy is in the sign of Capricorn, a sign that seeks achievement to build a sense of security and survival. The current power structure is broken, and a new definition of what it means to be secure and survive is shifting. The Sun (identity), Jupiter (opportunity), South Node of the Moon (the past), the Moon (feelings), Ceres (climate change), Saturn (limitation) and Pluto (transformation) are all in the sign of Capricorn.

Each of us must answer a simple question: who are we? To find the answer, we must go within first before we can go to the outer world. One manifestation is that climate change, based on actions of the past and present, require healing. Our structures (limits) must reflect what we intend to do about this.

One response is to look at a worldwide problem with spirit and compassion. Another is to maintain an illusion of a time past. As always, it is up to us. Who will you be?

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