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Astrology of Thursday, December 27

The eclipse of the sun is over; we are on a waxing cycle. The light is beginning to grow. Things are more easily seen. Because the sun was blotted out during the eclipse (in some countries), we could see the light of the moon more clearly. The moon rules the body, the emotions, women, the family, the physical home and masses of people. You might have gotten a chance to see any of those things a bit more clearly. If you had an illness in the body, for example, your vitality was missing, so it could be perceived more clearly. Maybe you could feel something was wrong. Maybe the family dynamics are clearer. Maybe you made a decision with your siblings to sell the family home you inherited. Play with the concepts.

Because so much energy is in practical, hard working Capricorn, you may want to act to find a practical solution - and so much being in Capricorn, you will probably find it. Capricorn is the sign of determined, persistent leadership.

Capricorn energy is associated with conservative power. Think about the word conservative. In the highest sense, this earth sign can conserve the earth. Talk about climate change is growing and will continue to do so for a bit.

A lot of planets are in Capricorn, making it difficult for those with planets in the 18 - 24 degree range of Aries, Cancer and Libra, as well as Capricorn. It is time to let go of the old -it is a healing process as there are things we no longer need. And it is also time to build new structures in our life (infrastructure?) to support our changing selves.

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