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Astrology of Thursday, January 2

You are willing to act on your feelings today. You are in the process of finding out who you are- what are you really all about? It's a bit of an experiment, but you DO know how you feel and you CSN act on those feelings. Then review how you feel AFTER you act. Is this something you identify with? Is it an action you want to make part of your identity? How do your actions feel?

You may be keenly aware of what has been wounding to you in the past, so who are you today? It's your chance to begin accumulating things among the flotsam and jetsom of your life that nourish who you are today. You may have wound up in a place you didnot see coming. It may be different from the traditional teachings of your family, but find out who you are as an independent being today and wear it proudly.

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